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Safelog FAA and EASA  Pilot Logbook System - Apps, Software, and Online Logbook  Safelog FAA and EASA Pilot Logbook System - Apps, Software, and Online Logbook Pilot Logbook Software







Whether you fly (or intend to fly) one of these Piper Cub, one of theseairliner, or even one of these helicopter, you've come to the right place. This is the home of that really good electronic pilot logbook system that you've been looking for--Safelog has the most features, best ease-of-use, and lowest total cost of any credible pilot logbook system.

Safelog is available for a multitude of platforms, including Windows PC, Mac, Web, iPhone/iPad, and Android. Your data synchronizes between each of them seamlessly, thus offering you unparallelled availability, future-proofedness, and disaster protection. Best of all, with a single Safelog account, you can access your logbook on any or all of our many supported platforms with no 'per platform', 'cloud synchronization' or other hidden fees, ever. Safelog just works where you need and when you need it... even on your next tablet, phone, Mac, or PC.

We work hard to give Safelog the right combination of power and ease-of-use. Safelog is trusted by tens of thousands of pilots worldwide (including at over 300 airlines). We're proud of the reputation we have for listening to use requests and continuously working to make Safelog the best pilot logbook system on the market today.

Safelog - The World's Most Trusted Pilot Logbook System useful alt text useful alt text useful alt text useful alt text

“Safelog is the walk-away winner for a full-featured, digital pilot logbook. We could use virtually all the features intuitively. The data is easy to import and export. The logbook is vastly customizable to show any kind of data you want, but it’s set up well with defaults that will work for most users. There are handy quick-entry items to make the logbook chore easier. It’s also the most international with separate versions for FAA, EASA/JAA, CAA, Canadian and Australian users. ”

compatible with most if not all world aviation authority standards and requirements, including FAA/USA, EASA, and many more.

Fast and Easy logging of flights, including automated night-time calculation. Legendary ease of use. Highly Customizable fields.
FAA Currency Tracking* - CFR 14 (FAR) Part 91, 121 (domestic, international, and small capacity), 135, and more Hundreds of reports and analysis options. Highly customizable. Click here to learn more about Safelog's powerful print engines.
Built In Aircraft Types - Thousands of Built-in Aircraft Types Make Data entry easy! Signature Pad! (Select Mobile Versions, including iPad/iPhone and Android) - You or your instuctor/examiner/etc can digitally sign your flight records right on your mobile device!
Fully FAR 61.65 and JAR-FCL compatible [including printouts!] FAA Practical Test Readiness Analyzer* - be ready for the examiner - compare your logbook to CFR 14 (FAR) Part 61 and 141 regulations - student pilot through ATP in seconds.
Charts and graphs galore
Manage Pilot/Medical Certificates and Ratings Automatically generate FAA Form 8710-1*
iPhone™, iPad™, Android™, Kindle Fire™, and Windows Surface companion software available so you can log while on the road and sync when you get home. Powerful Import Tools to help you get your airline/company roster, CSV/Excel file, and/or third-party eLogbook into Safelog.
Built-in LIVE, UPDATED database of over 70,000 airports and landing places (probably most comprehensive airport database on the web - live-linked to PilotNav.com) plus the ability to add your own custom airports and landing sites (such as for glider and helicopter ops) Free, online technical support provided by aviation professionals and senior programmers.
Aircraft and Contact managers Support for flights entered before the digital logbook
Many, many print and report options, including a great series of highly customizable instrument approach reports. Store photos, journals, comments, notes, and more with flights
FREE upgrades for registered users within the license period Dozens of options for airline pilots, including block/duty times, flight number memory, crew, and more.
Export your data / printouts to PDF™, CSV, Microsoft Word™, Microsoft Excel™, XML, and many other handy formats [learn more]. You can even optionally access your logbook on the web via SafelogWeb.com when you're on the road!

Please note sometimes, features vary slightly between versions, especially at times that we roll out a new feature on one new platform but haven't yet rolled it out on all.

Safelog's ease and speed of use is second to none. We spend hours obsessing over small details in order to save you milliseconds and make your life easier when entering flights and doing all the other cool things that Safelog can do. You may see some other logbook program with an equally impressive list of features. Try both and compare - you'll quickly see why pilots prefer Safelog.
We listen to you. Unlike other products, we have a full time team of pilots and programmers who work continuously on Safelog. As a result, we are constantly innovating and adding features. In fact, our team have developed virtually every non-obvious innovation in electronic pilot logbooks in the last several years (many of which have been copied by others). At any given moment, we have many improvements coming down the line, and, unlike others who hold you hostage to subsequent versions, Safelog upgrades are free during your registered use period. Additionally, upgrades are easy - the latest upgrade is always just one click away given our built-in self-update. We're in this for the long term and are truly committed to making the best pilot logbook system possible. This is why Safelog has become and will continue the world's most trusted pilot logbook system. We really are a group of pilots, programmers, and testers committed to your satisfaction.

"Safelog is simply the best tool to properly track and organize your valuable logbook data."

- independent review by the makers of Elite, the world's premier PC IFR Simulator

Safelog Transition

"I'm a helicopter pilot who Safelog, and I'm very impressed! The ease of use, the layout, the charts and graphs - it's just great! The fact that there is a EASA/JAA version is also splendid! Five out of five stars!"
- TB, Captain, Boeing 737NG
"I have Safelog and LOVE it!   What continues to surprise me is that updates keep coming out... I am always pleasantly surprised when you keep improving something that I considered perfect!"

Unilike with most logbook products, which are published and then soon forgotten, Safelog undergoes constant improvement. There are typically over a dozen significantly updated versions each year (don't worry - getting the latest and greatest is free and usually takes only a few seconds via the built-in update). Therefore, the screenshots that you see below may vary slightly from what you see in the current version.

Safelog is as as easy to use as your paper logbook. It even looks like your paper logbook! Don't worry if the columns and fields you see in the screenshots here don't match your paper logbook; Safelog is highly configurable to match most paper logbooks used worldwide - including those for both professional and recreational pilots and through the "setup" screen you are given substantial power to configure Safelog's fields (including adding and removing a number of optional and custom fields) so that the system matches your flying.

Safelog lets you see your flights in Google Earth. Not only is this really cool, but in some cases it can help in your flight planning and analysis.

the powerful filter function lets you zoom in on exactly the flights that interest you and allow you to determine a number of useful totals and figures on demand.

features include plenty of customizable graphs and charts

  • Your logbook printed with the fields you want in the paper size you want to the margins you set.
  • A copy of your logbook in the style of numerous common printed logbook and government recommended formats, including:
    • FAA ASA-style (ASA-SP-6 and ASA-SP-301)
    • FAA Jeppesen-style
    • FAA "student pilot logbook" style
    • FAA "master pilot logbook" style
    • JAA JAR-FCL general style
    • JAA JAR-FCL 1.080
    • International logbook style (ASA-SP-61)
    • CAA CAP 407 Aircrew Logbook style (both 'old' and 'new' styles)
    • CAA form N-27 (English/French/Flemish/Dutch)
    • JAA Jeppesen-style
    • JAA Student Pilot Logbook
    • AFE Professional logbook
    • AFE Recreational logbook
    • CASA Australia general logbook style
    • CASA Australia professional logbook style
    • CAA New Zealand logbook style
    • Transport Canada logbook style (general and professional)
    • France DGAC
    • and many more!
  • The above (and more!) can be exported to PDF, MS-Word, MS-Excel, CSV, XML, and many other popular output styles.
  • Career summary reports, in PDF and HTML format.
  • Charts and Graphs of your logbook data. Extreme flexibility as to the type of charts and the data shown on them.
  • FAA IACRA/Form 8710, with your data computed right from the logbook
  • Currency reports, indicating where you stand with regards to pre-built and custom-definable regulatory and insurance/club/employer requirements.
  • FAA Checkride Readiness analysis to help you and your instructor see where you stand with regard to FAA aeronautical experience requirements.

Safelog features an incredibly powerful set of reporting screens. These allow you to make meaningful resume-like summary printouts to show employers, flying clubs, insurers, etc. There's also reports for instrument / visual approaches and airports visited. Click here to see these screens in more detail so that you can see just how powerful and flexible they are while being easy to use. You can both print out any of the reports generated here and also view them on screen.

the innovative calendar view lets you get a better picture of your overall flying.

Complete Currency Control. Safelog lets you quickly and easily see your current status with regards to a large number of CFR 14 (FAR) Part 91, 121 (flag, domestic, and small capacity) and 135 requirements.

Checkride Readiness. Safelog carefully analyzes your logbook to see if you meet the CFR 14 Part 61 (and 141/142) experience requirements for your FAA Practical Test (checkride). What used to be a time consuming task is now handled for you automatically. For FAA Recreational Pilot, Private Pilot, IFR, Commercial Pilot, and ATP practical tests for airplane (single and multi-engine) and helicopter. This is a VERY powerful tool and another Safelog innovation.

For European / EASA/JAA/JAR-FCL pilots, Safelog can analyze your block times and graphically provide planning information to help you stay within legal limits. And, if your airline, company, or insurer has alternate duty, block, and/or flight time minimums, you can also monitor those with the custom limit / rule analyzer.

If your needs requier something beyond Safelog's built-in rules, you can always add custom currency specifications using our powerful Custom Rules feature.

Safelog Offsite Backup

In addition to the many local backup features (allowing you to make backups of your logbook data to your hard drive, a USB flash drive, etc. for safekeeping), Safelog also features an optional Offsite Backup capability. With Safelog Offsite Backup, you can optionally choose to make backups of your key logbook data via our internet servers, thus helping protect your valuable data against, for example, physical loss of your PC or hard drive failure.

Safelog is fully integrated with PilotNav.com's live, worldwide, regularly updated airport database with over 30,000 airports and landing places.


SR-71 Pilot

There's a lot more features. A LOT LOT more. But rather than you just reading this web page, why not download Safelog for yourself and see? Downloading it and giving it a try is the best way for you to see how Safelog can help you.


We're always happy to hear from you! To contact technical, pre-sales, or customer support, please visit our helpdesk.

Thank you for checking out Safelog!

The Safelog Team at Dauntless Aviation

* FAA versions